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Ergonomic Ladders for MRO Service and Safety ™

Diesel Trucks

Ergonomic Safety Ladders Help Reduce Workplace Accidents and Injuries During MRO Service. Standing on slippery tires or struts to service engines can result in expensive accidents or injuries.

The good news is, you don't need to do that anymore!

MRO Truck Ladder with technician working on utility truck

Utility trucks

MRO Truck Ladder with mechanics working on truck engine and MiniStand Ladder behind tire

Semi-trailer truck

Reefer Ladder with technician servicing top of refrigeration truck.jpg

Refrigeration trucks

MRO Truck Ladder with technician working on Concrete truck

Concrete trucks

LocknClimb’s MROTRUCK ladder provides a wide stable platform, allowing mechanics to service engines, replace windshields, running lights and reach other maintenance points safer and easier.

  • Ergonomic safety ladders to service any type of truck.
  • Meet or exceed applicable OSHA/ANSI standards.
  • Designed to conform to truck exterior contours.
  • Patented 6061-grade aluminum bases.
  • Commercial grade wheels allow easy rolling.
  • Rubber padding protects trucking surfaces.
  • Removable brass feet allow easy sliding on concrete.
  • Made in the U. S. A. in Independence, Kansas.
  • Preferred by many major truck maintenance centers.

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