Ergonomic Safety Ladders for Aircraft and Commercial Truck Maintenance

About Us

Over the past decade LockNClimb, LLC has grown from a small provider of specialty ladders to the world leader in the design and manufacturing of ergonomic safety ladders for both the commercial airline and trucking industries. Clients include the largest transportation companies in the world serving both passengers and cargo. LockNClimb ergonomic safety ladders not only provide superior access to difficult to reach maintenance areas, increased technician working comfort and efficiency, they have been proven to reduce costly accidents and injuries. 


Custom Safety Ladders

LockNClimb’s team of professional designers and fabricators can create a specialty ladder for any purpose. Contact our manufacturing office (620) 577-2577 or email

Reduce Accidents

Safety, security, and comfort are our priorities in our design process.
Our systems meet OSHA and ANSI standards, and we proudly manufacture our products in the USA for use all around the world.